Saturday, January 27, 2007

A New WIP - Something for Me!

Hard to believe, but yes....this one I will be keeping. I'm in love with this pattern

So far its coming along quite nicely. I'm using Paton's SWS in natural geranium and it is just yummy.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I'm finding pics of things I made and forgot to post....

I will be better in 2007 about posting pics of FO's. Not that I believe anyone is actually reading my blog, but just to keep track of things myself.

So here is something I made for a fantastic lady in the Christmas Stocking swap. The next photo are the goodies I recieved. I just luuuuuuuuurve the quilted stocking!!

Then there is a picture of some flip top mittens I made for Heather. Smoking mittens she says. Then there is a cute crocheted bag I made for Chrystal. I made calorimetry for Candace, but I forgot to take a picture.

Breakfast Club Swap

This was the last swap that I did before Christmas and what a pain in the ass it turned out to be. The organizer went missing, so I took over (wise move) But alas, its almost finished and my partner received and was happy so I guess thats all that matters. (I received some pretty cool stuff too)

Knitting Challenge Entry - Purse-O-Many Colours

The challenge was that it had to be knit in this garter lace stitch. It didn't matter what the FO was. So of course I chose a purse. Check out the many FO bags and purses that I've done. I kind of like it. Of course Amy claimed it for her own. I think it will be her lunch bag since she doesn't actually carry a purse.

Pet Swap

See I have done something since Christmas. Amy and Lucy tell me the dino dog sweater is very 'scene'. Whatever that means. This was a package I sent to a little poodle in Guelph. Cute er wha?

The big ole bone mat was my entry into the latest crochet challenge. I didn't win. Big surprise there, but I will keep on trying. I have even entered the knitting challenge. I'll post that later. Check out the cute lil felt bones. I'd make some for Spencer, but he'd tear 'em to shreds.