Sunday, January 27, 2008

Some FOs

So I finally finished the 'Tilted Duster'. I love it, and have been wearing it non stop ever since. This is such a cozy sweater. Since the weather has been so freakin cold here lately, I must say, I really appreciate this cardigan. I was a little worried about washing it. A member of Raverlry contacted me about this yarn. Its supposed to superwash, but she washed out at Stephanie Japel pattern and it FELTED!!! I would have been devestated to have this felt! But the whole point of buying the superwash merino was to have a FO that I could just toss in the wash. So I threw caution to the wind and did just that...with no serious repercussions. I must say, it came out of the wash looking even better. I think I had almost over blocked it if possible.

Speaking of blocking, I'm having trouble deciding what do with my Argosy. Its finished, and the colours are gorgeous. But its angora and its not holding the shape of the lace well. Ravelry members are telling me to block this carefully, since angora felts easily. I've worn this scarf twice now, and I've been wearing it all bunched up around my neck. Now this sort of pains me since it doesn't show the beautiful lace stitches, but I'm afraid the scarf isn't substatial enough to wear any other way. Perhaps in the spring I will wear it knotted at the neck and sort of hanging, but for now I think I'll leave it as is.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I Love Kool Aid!!

It has remarkable powers, I swear. It actually kinda scares me, and I don't think I'll be drinking anymore of this stuff. But boy, can it ever dye well. I made 'le slouch' (free pattern from Knit and Tonic blog) for Amy. She wanted purple, and I'm determined to knit from my stash. So, I wanted to try overdying after my prior sucess with dyeing a neutral yarn. I was thinking about overdying the yarn, but was anxious to cast on and didn't really want to wait for the yarn to dry.

Here it is on me...pre dying.

Here it is in the dye bath. Note, I only used 2 packets of Kool Aid wildberry tea. I nuked it in the microwave in about 3 cups of water at 5 minute intervals. I think it took about 5 different intervals (or 25 minutes) for the dye to take.

And here it is on Amy. It looks a little splotchy in places. I think its because I didn't leave it soaking long enough. When I dyed the yarn, I soaked it for 2 hours in water prior to adding it to the kool aid bath. I read somewear that the splotchiness comes for little airbubbles on the fibre that hasn't been soaked out.

Oh, the starting yarn was Bernat Lana, like before.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

My Camera!

Is Broken. (Insert hysterical wail here) Its only 3 months old. I'm very upset by this. Thankfully it is still under warranty and Kev purchased extended warranty so its covered until September 2009!

I'm sending it for repairs and it may take 1 month. I don't think I can wait a month. I've ordered another from Sears. Amy's camera had died too, so she will get my new one from Sears when my other camera is fixed.

In the meantime, I thought I go through my photos and dig out some pics that I'd forgotten to post.

More Newfoundland mittens. Free Pattern from Creative Whimsy. I love these so much. I've knit 4 pairs in total now, and I'm currently working on a 5th pair. I think this will be the thing that I will always have on the needles.

These crocheted purses are from Debbie Stoller's Happy Hooker. I made these for a swap on Craftster. These are super easy to make. I really hated sewing in the lining however. I'd made these in October, and didn't finish the linings til December!

This Hello Kitty Skirt was also made for a swap. I really wish I had crocheted a red lace trim around the edge of the skirt, but I ran out of time.

On the Fifth Day of Christmas my swap partner gave to me...5 Golden Snitches. Yes, this is what I made for my swap partner for Day 5 of the '12 Days of Christmas Swap'. This was a very large swap, but so worth it.