Saturday, September 23, 2006

An Original Moi!

So I'm making a purse for my friend Natasha. (Tash if you ever happen to read this, do you realize this is the 3rd purse I've made for you??!!) She bought the wool, and wanted something with cables. So, here it is so far. I used the cable pattern that was in the gloves from "One Skein". Kinda cute in a purse hey?

Monday, September 11, 2006

A New Hat for a New Baby!

So we are expecting a baby in our family. Kevin's daughter Aimee is due in January. I made this little cotton hat from the book "Last-Minute Knitted Gifts" by Joelle Hoverson. I love this book!! There are so many sweet projects in it that I can't wait to try. I also bought "Weekend Knitting - 50 Unique projects and Ideas" by Melanie Falick. This is also a gorgeous book, with many fantastic patterns.

So if Aimee's baby is a girl, she will get this little hat. If not, there are plenty of boy patterns that I will undoubtably work on!

I'm thinking I will knit a different colour I-chord to match every outfit!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mini Paisley Skull Bag

I seem to be on a bag kick lately. I made this little gem for a friend (who shall remain nameless, since I've yet to give it to her, yet one look and she will know its for her because its so ... well...her!) I used this tutorial to make it.

My only regret is that it isn't a little bigger, but I made this from left over fabric that I had from Amy's school bag. Yes, Amy decided that the huge yellow dance patterned bag was ... well ... huge. So now it is mine, all mine!! Though I may decide to give it away in the 30 something swap, depending upon what my yet to be announced partner likes.

So this is Amy's new school bag!

But I must say I do love this combination of pattern/colour. Amy picked it out for her bag and I used the leftovers. I tooks some pics of that too, but it does need to be altered, since in my infinite wisdom, I sewed the handle on backwards. She wanted a zipper too. So I sort of winged it.

Monday, September 04, 2006

A New School Bag for Amy.

A while ago Amy and I bought this really cute fabric. She wanted to make a school bag out of it. She had every intention of doing it herself. starts tommorrow, and she hasn't had a chance to do it. So I did it. I used the Jordy Bag tutorial from crafster.

It is huge, but I love how it turned out. I'm kind of hoping Amy won't really like it, since this would be the perfect knitting tote.

Now I just need to figure out what type of closure I'm going to use. I have the cutest orange buttons, but buttons aren't always practical when it comes to a school bag. Oh well, I'll just wait until Amy comes home and see what she thinks.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Verb Swap, DIY Swap and 30 something swap

Oh yeah, I may be in over my head this time. I have 3 more swaps on the go!!

I've already gotten my partner from the verb swap. She's from Bristols UK!!! We each had to pick a verb (mine is shiver..appropriate no?) Her verb is capture. I have to craft several things related to that verb. I've already figured out what I'm doing. One thing is almost finished in fact.

The DIY swap involves making a craft kit for someone else. And receiving one you would like in return. I can't rightly recall what kind of kit I said I would make. I think it was...knitted purse kit, crocheted purse kit, crocheted beanie kit, felt ipod cozy kit (cuz I'm a real pro at it...I did one!). I'm not sure what I asked for but it was probably needle felting and hand spinning stuff. I really want to learn this, but of course cannot find any supplies here. I'm going to St. John's on the 28th, maybe I'll find something then.

The 30 something swap is just that. A swap amongst my 30 something peers. It should be fun.

I received my pink goodies

Now that I know how to host pictures from Craftster, I don't seem to be posting as much on this blog. Well, I hope to remidy that. Here is my parcel of pink goodness that I received from the lovely roses are red. It was her first swap. (Not like I'm a swapping pro or anything)

I love that she sent something for Spencer, and also something for Amy. What a sweetie. Seriously, I love this swapping business. My favorite thing she made is this.

The coaster, made from old magazines. What a great way to recylce. She used hemp on the outside. Its very, very cool. I may try to make more myself. Aww...just look at the pink piggie. He's my new pincushion.