Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mittens, mittens and more mittens.

I've been churning out mittens left right and center it seems. I do love knitting mittens. I've also been on a bit of a felting kick lately too. Here is the 'Dumpling Bag' from Interweave Knits. I'm not sure who I'll give this to. The dots and flowers are neelde felted on after I felted the bag in the wash.

I really like the Lopi for felting projects. I even did these mittens afterwards.

And here is another pair of cabled mittens. I did these for charity and they will likely be headed to Natuashish.

Not exactly Druid Mitts

Here is another pair of mittens that I've knit in my attempt to get those Druid mitts from Vogue. I bought this yarn (Moda Dea Wool n Silk) thinking it would be perfect for the Druid mittens. Not exactly. They are knit in a sport/fingering weight and the Moda Dea is a DK weight. So I made these instead. Not quite the druid mittens, but still kinda cute.

Monday, October 06, 2008


So I've had this yummy Malibrigo yarn in my stash for some time now. I wasn't sure what to do with it because ... well, its Malibrigo. I only had one single skein so it had to be made into a small project. I put it aside and forgot (almost forgot) about it. Until I saw the fall cover of Vogue knitting. I fell in love with the druid mitts on the cover. I fell in love with cabled mitts in general. Not being able to purchase Vogue knitting locally, I did a ravelry search for cabled mitts and came upon these. The Chevalier mittens. Lovely aren't they?

As an aside, I bought two...yes, two copies of Vogue knitting in my haste to knit the druid mitts. I ordered one from www.yarn.com (or webs) and then on my trip into Corner Brook there it was in a little book store, and I didn't yet have my webs order. And of course, I couldn't wait. By the time I got home, my webs order was in. But its all good. I gifted my second copy to a new knitter friend. I have the yarn picked out for these babies. My lys (Distinctive Knittin) has new yarn in. So I'll be making them in a wool/silk blend.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Bag Blogger

I've done things in September. It was a very busy September actually. So busy, that I never bothered with blogging. Work, family and girl guides have taken precidence (not in that particular order either).

And I haven't even mentioned that I'm the 'seeker' in the Harry Potter knitting and crochet house cup, for team 'Hufflepuff'. But I am! That means I'm the designer. Seriously, what was I thinking. But I did it. I nearly tore my hair out but I did it.

I can't talk about the design because its a secret. I will show off a picture of some knits I'm knitting for October's Charms class. Its supposed to be a cheering charm, so these are a gift. A gift for someone I know and love and miss very, very much because she is away at university in another province and I won't see her till Christmas and its killing me and these mittens are more to cheer me up because it seems like I'm actually doing something for this very independent soul. And Amy, if you happen to read this - I know that was a very wordy sentence. It was meant to be.

Did you happen to notice that this is a scan? Yeah, can't find my camera cord and I still need to send my birthday gift from last year, that is still under warranty, in for repairs.