Friday, December 12, 2014


It's that time of year again. I'm not sure why but the people around me are all in panic mode. I've never been one to do this but every now and again I can feel the sense of panic welling up inside.

I can usually talk myself out of this panic. My children are grown so there doesn't seem to be the same sort of demands placed upon trying to have a perfect (whatever that means) Christmas. 

I do however have four little grandsons and I would like to start some Christmas traditions for them. I think if I made them each a handmade ornament every Christmas, that by the time they were grown they would have an armload of beautiful handcrafted Christmas ornaments.

So, with that in mind I crocheted this little beauty.

The pattern is called snowman lights. The design is by Deborah Arch. It is from the crochet magazine called crochet world.

I couldn't be happier with how he turned out. I love his goofy grin. I did make some mods to the pattern. Instead of black beads, I used safety eyes. And I didn't use beads on the mouth.  I embroidered the mouth with some black yarn. The next one I make I will have the earmuffs down over the face a little more. We shall see how they all turned out. One down and three to go.
Edited December 16

So, I finished all four of the snowman. I couldn't be happier with them I am tickled at how cute they turned out.
My embroidery however could use a little work. Look at this photo.

I'm not sure if the lettering is legible or not but I can read them. So, as long as the boys know who owns what it's all good.

I also wanted to share these mittens with you. They are from the self striping club that I was telling you about a couple of posts ago. I'm pretty sure I will be gifting these to my friend Flo. She has been not so subtly hinting for these. This girl professes not to be a yarn snob but she does recognize good yarn when she sees it and who am I to deny someone who has such great taste.