Saturday, May 21, 2016

A Little Fox

 See this sweet little girl fox. I made her using a pattern from Rebecca Dangers book 50 yards of Fun. If you haven't seen this book yet, I strongly encourage you to pick it up at your local book store. Have a  look through it. If you are inclined to knit toys at all then this may well be the book for you. I've already knit at least six of the wonderful critters contained within this delightful little book. 

I made her for some friend's daughter that I was hoping to spend some time with this spring. The visit didn't work out but the knitting did. She says foxes are her favourite animal and purple is her favorite colour. I think I did ok. She will be travelling to the north via Canada Post I think. 
Speaking of favorite animals - one of Kevs nieces was lamenting to me about her daughter loving platypuses and how hard it was to get stuffed toy platypus. Now I pull out my trusty book of 50 Yards of Fun and find just the pattern. 

He's so cute no?