Monday, April 10, 2017

Keep on trying

I mentioned a while back that I'd been dabbling in other mediums. Mediums other than fiber that is. Believe me, that is really really branching out. My daughter introduced me to this thing called "masking fluid". The point of it is that you use it as a resist. You paint it on an area that you want left unpainted. Then you paint around it and when all is dry, you peel off the now dry (and almost rubbery) masking fluid. It is such a satisfying thing to do!!! I've been really enjoying playing around with it. 

So far, I've done these little leaves on water colour greeting card paper.  I'm smitten!  I plan on doing a lot more!

You can sort of see the masking fluid being peeled off in this picture above. 

 This is the leaf after the masking fluid is peeled off. They are so satisfying to paint. They are done on watercolour cards so they will be used as greeting cards for some occasion at some point.   Here is the most recent leaf. I love how the colours bleed into each other. This is what you call wet on wet technique in watercolour. I will be exploring more of this technique in the future  

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Mittens for Cooper

This is Cooper. He likes mittens. He also likes frogs. How could I resist making these frog mittens for him?

I couldn't.  At the request of his mom, I did an i cord too. He loves it!!