Friday, November 18, 2016

Baby Wall

My favourite blogger, the yarn harlot has often written about how when she knits for babies that she feels a responsibility to finish the knitting in a timely fashion because it seems as though the babes somehow delay their arrival until the knitting is finished. 

So with that in mind I started knitting these super sweet overalls. They were a little fiddly but oh, so worth it. They are knit using Julie Asselin's superwash DK weight yarn called Leizu. A great yarn for babies in my opinion. 

The pattern is from Judith Durants book One Skein Wonder - Baby  I own all of books in this series(I think) and I highly recommend them. This pattern took a little more than one Skein of the Leizu but thats ok. I've got some left over that I can do a hat or some booties for baby Wall. 

This little guy is going to be the first baby of my fellow pharmacist Melissa. They  have been waiting for him for a long time.  I didn't want to delay his arrival at all if there was anything to this knitting myth and really cracked down hard on the knitting and got it done in a reasonable time. 

Just look at those little butt pockets!!

She is currently 10 days overdue and it's totally not my fault. The knitting is done!!