Saturday, April 21, 2007


I'm don't think I've posted this yet. Here is a picture of the calorimetry (from knitty) that I knit from the yarn I got from a magic yarnball swap on craftster. I have to say that this swap is probably the most fun I've done. The premise is that little goodies (handcrafted and not) are wound into the ball. You discover the treasures by 'knitting them out'.

Crocheted backpack

Before I was assigned a partner for the Earth Day swap, I started knitting a market recycled pink cotton. Well, I was in for a suprise because my partner was a guy so no pink market bag for him. I came across this pattern in crochet magazine I had (I can't remember the name). It was made for a young boy. Amy gave me the go ahead and said that several of her guy friends would definitley like it. I really liked this pattern. It was very easy and the end result was very sturdy.

Something Else for my Earth Day partner

It seems I'm a one trick

pony lately since whenever I'm required to make something for a swap I turn to crochet. Its become apparent to me that crochet is my preferred way to express myself with fiber. I do love to knit (I find it more relaxing), but crochet is more results driven. I get results faster. Anyway this is a waterbottle holder. Oprah's program today explained how much energy is wasted in producing bottled water and one of the simplest things we can do for the environment is to stop drinking bottled water and to drink water from the tap.

Earth Day Swap

Here are some pictures of things I made for the Earth Day swap over on Craftster. All of these things were made from items I recycled and I'm proud to say I didn't buy anything to make these. (Well, I did buy some flax seed to stuff the comfort bag - I'm told flax seed doesn't smell as bad as rice- which is a load of hogwash, because the flax smelled kind of bad too.)

Friday, April 20, 2007

Dollar Store Swap

These are the things I made for the dollar store swap. I was limited as to how much I could spend (10$) and I could only use supplies that I already had in my stash. I think I did pretty good. My swap partner seemed most impressed with the sock bunny. I liked the scissors caddy (made from a pot holder) with attached pin cushion. I was most impressed with goodies I received from her. She really went above and beyond what I expected from a dollar store swap. My most favorite thing was the bottle of robins egg soap.

I pledge to post more often...(really)

I seem to have lost my desire to post regularly on this blog. Probably because I don't think anyone is actually reading it, but who knows. Its nice to be able to access pictures of things I've completed when I'm showing off to my friends at work. Speaking of work, I made this scarf for my friend Mehrnaz. She just completed a 10 week internship with me. I absolutely adored her, and I wanted to make something nice for her.
The pattern is a freebie from cider moon.

In other news, Amy bought herself a new digital camera. And wonder of wonders, I've learned how to upload pictures from it. So, hopefully in the future, my pictures will be a little more clear.

I'm still partaking of swaps on craftster. I just completed a dollar store swap and an earth day swap. I like how swaps can get your creative juices flowing. I'll try to post some pics of the things I've made.