Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Its button time

These are the sleeves of my little cardi.  I didn't like the way it was turning out - see the one on the right.  I hadn't counted on my gauge for garter stitch being so different in the round, versus flat.  The second sleeve cuff (on the left) I knit flat and seamed it shut.  I liked it much better.  So I frogged the first cuff and knit it flat as well.  The whole thing is now finished.  Pretty cute eh?

Well, except its missing button.  I'm still not 100% sure who I'll be giving this to.  Maybe Heather's baby - who will be a boy.  Or maybe a former coworker - who will be having a girl.  I really like these green buttons.  What do you think?

I think they would be perfect for either a boy or girl.  I'm still debating doing a little embroider or needle felting too.  In anycase, I'm super happy with it.  I'm also in love with this yarn.  I bought this yarn with the intentions of finally making a sweater for Kev.  Its 50% acrylic/50% wool, so I thought it would be warm enough, but also easy care.  But I love the colour and I love the way it knits up.   Great stitch definition and just so nice to knit with.  I'm thinking about making myself a Lady Kina.  This sweater looks so much like me.  Its so wearable.  And I'm thinking that the acrylic might make it cool enough to make this garment a nice transitional cover up.  And then I can use a nice yellow/green button too.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Baby Sweater Jag

We all get on knitting jags.  The Yarn Harlot is going through a leaf thing right now.  I've gone on sock binges before, and even a scarf kick, but I do believe this is the first time I've gotten on a baby sweater jag.  Heather is the only person that I know who is expecting.  I knit the striped placket pullover from a few posts back for her baby to be.  He is set to arrive sometime this summer.  Her due date is early August but I'm doubtful she'll last that long.  Essentially her baby sweater is done.  I'm not sure why I feel the urge to keep knitting baby sweaters other than they are so freakin' cute and fast. The grey one is from a free pattern found here.  I wish I could photograph the garter stitch better.  Maybe I'll try again in the morning in better light.  The yarn is new to me.  Its Berroco's Vintage - which is wool/acrylic blend.  I'm normally a bit of yarn snob especially when it comes to natural fibers.  I'm not a fan of acrylics as a rule, but I must admit to really liking this yarn so far.  I'm not sure how it'll hold up to washing or if it pills or not, but based on feel and how it knits up alone, I really, really like it!  

The second photo is also a free pattern.  I wasn't so happy with this one.  In fact I ended up frogging it.  The pattern called for bulky yarn knit on size 11s.  The resulting fabric was way too open.  I went down several needle sizes to get a fabric that I was happy with but then the pattern was more doll size.  I think I may double up on the bulky yarn on size 11s to see if I get something I'm happy with.  I haven' totally ruled this one out yet.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Self Striping Yarn - My True Love

The yarn is Zauberball Crazy and it is just that.  There is no repeating of any colours.  If you knit socks from this yarn, they would definitely be fraternal twins as there is no way to make the colours line up.  Up close, the yarn is like a barber poled handspun.  I love the result.  I would have kept crocheting but I ran out of the contrasting black yarn.  It took two skeins of Knitpicks Palette.  

I have countless other images that I wanted to put up as well, but I chose these.  I love the close ups.  This is from a free pattern that can be gotten here.

In other news, I cast on for a baby sweater four days ago, and finished it.  I used Spud and Chloe Sweater yarn.  Its a blend of wool and cotton and is supposed to be easy care.  I really enjoyed the yarn.  This sweater is for Heather's new baby, not yet born, and it had to be easy care.  No care would be great, but I'll settle for easy care.  I bought this yarn from A Good Yarn.  Its a new yarn shop that opened up in St John's.   While I've never been there in person, I can attest to the great customer service.  I hope to visit it real soon.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Joys of Blocking

Pattern is Abrazo from the most recent Twist Collective.  Its knit in knitpicks new tonal lace yarn, and I love it.  Its one of the first (if not the absolute first) attempts at lace knitting in a lace weight yarn.  I did find it difficult to get used to.  Its not like knitting with nose hairs, as its been suggested by other knitters opposed to knitting with lace weight, but it is a little tricky.  The results are stunning though, and definitely worth it. 

This pattern actually called for knitting in beads, which I omitted because I hadn't done that before either, but I might contemplate it at sometime.  This designer has a new pattern in knitty called Annis which is very similar to this one, except it uses nupps instead of beads.  I might try this one too. 

Can you believe that some people never block their work?  I'm sure that its not lace knitters.  Blocking this was a real joy, seeing how the pattern opened up.