Saturday, March 15, 2014

Forget about it.

You know in the last post I talked about going on knitting jags? And how I went on about knitting mittens in particular? Well, forget about it. It turns out that I'm not on a mitten knitting jag at all. As soon as I posted that blog post, I stopped knitting mittens. I did, however, start knitting TOYs!!

I bought this book during a recent trip to St John's and I'm hooked. These little toys are such a blast to make and they are such a great stash buster. 
This was the first one that I knit. He's called "Meager Mouse". 

And here is small squirrel. Small squirrel ended up with a fantastic rainbow tail that I needle felted on. This one was knit for my neice who is out and proud and wanted a rainbow toy in honor of that. 
And then I knit this guy. I cannot remember his name for the life of me. 

I really think I may knit my way through this entire book. I love each little toy and they are so fast to make. They make cute gifts and they would look so cute just sitting about in my new craft room.