Sunday, January 10, 2016

It's 2016!!

 'Well that year went by in a flash. I swear, the older I get, the faster time seems to go. I cannot believe that I have a 25! (Gulp) year old daughter. I cannot believe that I have four (yes! FOUR!!) grandsons. And I cannot believe this is the tenth year that I've been doing this blog thing. Ten years? Wow!! I'm old. Lol

I used to set goals at the beginning of each year. After several years of writing them down I realized that every year I set myself the same goals. So now I don't even bother. 

It's not that I've given up on improving myself or anything. It's just that I know where I'd like to improve. I know areas of my life (professionally and personally) that would benefit from some 'sprucing up' and I try to keep this in mind all the time not just at the start of a new year. 

I always tell myself each year to try something different or even revisit an older interest. Back in the day (first when I moved to Labrador in 1990) I used to do a lot of drawing and landscape painting. This was before the days of tole painting - yes, I did that too. With the recent popularity of adult colouring and adult colouring books I just couldn't help myself from purchasing some great markers and pencils crayons. I also have purchased a few coloring books too. Last night I sketched this little guy.  

I like him. It's a start right?

I didn't do much spinning in 2015. Partly because I took vacation during the yearly "Tour de Fleece". This was the first year in six years that I had zero output. That will change this year. I know it. I've already been spinning a little bit. 

I was recently contacted by a young lady on Facebook. A friend of a friend of mine. I hear you spin she tells me. She's been very interested in spending as of late.

 Her boyfriend is from the same area of Newfoundland that I am. She's been living there for the past year or so. She's been seeing spinning wheels and sheep and all kinds of things in her boyfriends family that has peaked her interest. 

Initially she contacted me to make a recommendation for a spindle seller on Etsy. I told her to come up to my house and I'll give her a spinning lesson. I also gave her a spindle and some fiber. There is nothing quite like teaching someone who is enthusiastic about learning to ignite your own interest again. 

I pulled up my wheels, dusted off my spindles and have been spinning ever since that little lesson last week. By the way that lesson lasted over three hours. I can go on and on when I'm very interested in the subject. 

I also finished my first object of 2016. I am very pleased with them

Aren't  they super cute? My plan is to donate them to my daughters choir in Ottawa. They are having a silent auction as a fundraiser coming up soon and Amy asked me if I had anything I would like to donate. I had just about finish these up when her text came in. It was meant to be I think.  I hope they help the choir raise a few dollars.