Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Tour has Ended

I finished the tour with a decent number of skeins this year.  Seven whole skeins of yarn finished.  I really put a big dent in my fiber stash too.  Here are the latest ones.  That final purple skein really surprised me.  I really disliked the look of the roving.  A customer of mine had given me some yarn several years ago and I had promised her a small skein of handspun in return and she really likes blues, so I thought I would spin it up for her.  This was a pencil roving and it had short repeats of navy, sky blue and purple.  It turned out to look like a tonal purple.  I wasn't expecting that.  And now, I'm not sure if I'm going to gift it at all, since it isn't really blue anymore.  We'll see.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Its Tour de Fleece Time!!

And I've been spinning up a storm.  I have no goals for the tour this year, only to spin through some stash.  Here is what I've finished to date.

I've even been spinning on my spindle that Kev made.  I'm really having a blast this tour.  No pressures. 

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Cutting it close

This is how much yarn was left over!!

 Pretty scary!  I actually didn't have enough to complete the edging chart, so I omitted 6 of the final rows.  The pattern is called 198 Yards of Heaven and I only had 185 yards, so I knew I didn't have enough.  I think it still looks okay even with the missing rows.

Here it is unblocked.

And blocked (Spencer for scale)

The yarn is from esty seller Squoosh.  I love this sellers fiber.  Its the first time I've bought their yarn.  I think a sweater in this stuff would be stunning.  It has a hint of cashmere - about 10%.   The kerchief is the perfect size.   I can wear it with a little shawl pin.  Real pretty.