Sunday, July 30, 2006

My Wists!

So, over on craftster...(where I spend a huge amount of my internet time), I've been noticing that people have wists. Wists? I think this is a combo of two words wish list. So I have caved in and created my own wist. I have a wish list on of all the books I would someday like to purchase, so I thought why not do this too. It will help me keep track of all the things that I desire. I feel really weird about it since I don't consider myself a material person. I think most things on my 'wist' will end up being crafting supplys.

On another note, I finally had "One Skein" come from Amazon. I do love it. The first project I'm trying is the unisex gloves. They have this really cute little waffle like design in the cuff. It is giving me trouble though since I've started and restarted them about 10 times. This isn't my first dpn project or my first cable project so I'm not sure why I'm having so much difficulty with it. My opinion is that Kev is after chewing on the end of one of my beautiful bamboo dpn's and it tends to nick at the yarn! So each time I frog it, I blame him. He is always chewing on the end of my needles!!!

I am starting a new bag too! It seems to be my favorite type of project lately! Its for my friend Linda's bday. Its very, very easy so its sure to be a quick knit. I hope she likes it,,HGTV_3263_4026487,00

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