Friday, April 20, 2007

I pledge to post more often...(really)

I seem to have lost my desire to post regularly on this blog. Probably because I don't think anyone is actually reading it, but who knows. Its nice to be able to access pictures of things I've completed when I'm showing off to my friends at work. Speaking of work, I made this scarf for my friend Mehrnaz. She just completed a 10 week internship with me. I absolutely adored her, and I wanted to make something nice for her.
The pattern is a freebie from cider moon.

In other news, Amy bought herself a new digital camera. And wonder of wonders, I've learned how to upload pictures from it. So, hopefully in the future, my pictures will be a little more clear.

I'm still partaking of swaps on craftster. I just completed a dollar store swap and an earth day swap. I like how swaps can get your creative juices flowing. I'll try to post some pics of the things I've made.

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