Friday, December 05, 2008

Wild Fire Knit

The Yarn Harlot is knitting one therefore, I must knit one. I present the noro ribbed scarf (that I'm knitting in SWS).

I don't follow the crowd. I make a point of not following the crowd, or I should say - I try to resist following the crowd, but sometimes resistance is futile. But hey! I haven't made a clapotis yet. (I actually cast on for one, and promptly frogged it, but not before getting this far)

I even got further than that and it was looking gorgeous, but I didn't want to take a picture of it. I started it in Kauni, and it was a poor choice. The colour is gorgeous, and it would have been beautiful, but the yarn is so sticky. Its meant for colourwork. Doing those intentional drop stitches was a royal pain in the arse with the kauni. The kauni will wait. I have something in mind. You will see.

I finished another Kim's hat - this time I made it big enough for Riley. Hopefully I have. Since I haven't seen him this year one can't be too sure. Perhaps his head grew inexplicably large in the past year. I really hope not.

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