Saturday, January 31, 2009

How do I feel about Alpaca?

I'm not too sure really. I know that I love knitting with it - or blends of it anyway. It always seems so soft and squishy. The jury is out on the spinning of alpaca. I bought a braid of 100% alpaca off etsy seller Roaringbravado. The colour is called Autumn equinox. I love the colours. Deep plums, midnight blues, forest greens. But the texture is weird or something. Its like the alpaca has alot of guard hairs still in it. Perhaps it is my spinning, as I'm still learning. I do want to try the Navajo plying business again, and this was my intention with this yarn, but I don't know if it will work. Alpaca has a nice long staple and it is a pleasure to spin, but just check out the hairiness. I don't know if I love it or hate it. I've no idea what its destined to become. Perhaps I should have used the drum carder and blended it with something, but the colours are just too darned pretty to be messing with.

In other news, I thought I'd share a picture of the snow that we have. I have the great pleasure of dealing with a lot of old people at work. I've been hearing from a few of them that this winter we are having an 'old fashioned winter' - meaning lots of long cold spells and a lot of snow. What do you think? Does this look like a lot of snow?

This is the view from my front patio looking up the street. Notice that you can't actually see the street because the snow banks are too high. You can see the top of one car on the street. Keep in mind that my house is also up on a little hill. Wow, that is a lot of snow.

I also wanted to share a cute baby shot - because I can.

Look at those cute little faces! Kev's face isn't too bad either.

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