Friday, July 03, 2009

Tour de Fleece 2009

Its back! Hurrah! I spun a lot of fibre last summer during the tour. I'm not sure if I'll get to spin as much this summer because my parents will be visiting as of Sunday. I'm not sure they will understand the madness. Here is a picture of some of the fiber that I plan on spinning.

My personal goal this year is to use the drum carder more. I really need to do something about the drive belt/band. The owner of the drumcarder had some kind of aquarium tubing rigged up. But since I plan on buying the carder, I need to invest in an actual band/belt since the aquarium tubing doesn't work well. I really enjoyed spinning the batts that I carded last year.

I plan on dyeing the natural corriedale different colours and use some of Deb Mentz's colour theory to blend, blend, blend.

The last tour, my goal was to spin enough for a sweater - which I did. I just haven't finished knitting the sweater. Its the violent green Leisl (pattern by Ysolda). Its almost finished, but not quite.

Oh, have I mentioned that I purchased a big dirty fleece. It should be here any day now. I will be processing it all by myself and documenting it all here. Megan (of Stitch it podcast fame) has been talking about it a lot on her podcast, and I'm totally inspired. I'll likely be looking for a good therapist by the time its all over, but its something that I want to try.

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