Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mini Shawl and more Ysolda Love

I've just finished knitting Damson by Ysolda. This pattern has been #1 on Ravelry's list for some time now with 311 of these being made. Its is a simple fun little knit that takes just 1 skein of sock yarn. Unfortunately for me, my sock yarn came up a few yards short. But, I knew this before I started it, so its my own fault. The original calls for Malibrigo sock which runs about 440 yard. I used Tanus fiber fingering weight which only had 400 yard. I love this yarn though.

But, I had to end the pattern early. I didn't get those nice scalloped edges that I should have, but thats okay. Its still lovely. I adore this colour. I guess its because we are running quickly into fall here. The leaves are starting to turn already!

And just for kicks, here is a picture of it prior to blocking. Quite the difference isn't it?

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