Sunday, December 13, 2009

Many Mittens

Karen and I have been very busy getting ready for 2 craft sales. They are both fundraisers for girl guides. We are going to Gander next October for the Guiders conference once again. We weren't planning on going, but 2010 will be 100 years of guiding in Canada and the celebration is supposed to be huge. We are not ones to miss out on a good party.

Julie donated an old wool camp blanket to us. Karen sewed up the mittens and I knit the cuffs (pattern can be found here at the purlbee) And we both needle felted on the designs.

The mittens were a hit. We sold each and every last pair, and I also have 3 more pairs that I haven't found the time to knit the cuffs on. We are having another sale in February. And guess what? We still wear mittens here in February. I can so picture some nice heart themed mittens for V day.

Here is a close up of my favorite ones (that is the favorites of the ones I made. Karen, though new to needlefelting has a great eye for these things, and all of hers are my favorites)

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