Friday, April 02, 2010


 Or Freeform crochet.  March was crochet month.  Over on ravelry I participated in this crochet along.  Each day in March a different set of instructions were given by different 'designers'.  I was March 27th designer.   I had everyone crochet grannysquares in remembrance or honour of their grannies/nans.  My finished ....erm....thing is this.  Here it is in all its glory.  Lots of new and interesting techniques and stitches here.  I know, its kind of odd, but some people make great things out of freeform crochet.  Check out Prudence Mapstone.  She is the queen of freeform crochet.  I think I may hang this in my imaginary studio.  My plan is to hang one of these each year that I participate in the freeform along.  I suspect it will look interesting when I have several of them done.  Oh, and someday, I'll have that studio too.

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