Thursday, July 01, 2010

Cutting it close

This is how much yarn was left over!!

 Pretty scary!  I actually didn't have enough to complete the edging chart, so I omitted 6 of the final rows.  The pattern is called 198 Yards of Heaven and I only had 185 yards, so I knew I didn't have enough.  I think it still looks okay even with the missing rows.

Here it is unblocked.

And blocked (Spencer for scale)

The yarn is from esty seller Squoosh.  I love this sellers fiber.  Its the first time I've bought their yarn.  I think a sweater in this stuff would be stunning.  It has a hint of cashmere - about 10%.   The kerchief is the perfect size.   I can wear it with a little shawl pin.  Real pretty.

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Charlotte said...

This is so sweet, love it. And the cute little dog, loves i too I see.

I mut go tjeck the yarn out, thankyou for sharing the link.