Monday, November 15, 2010

I miss Jess

Twist Collective came out today.  It is filled with gorgeous patterns.  All of which, I want to knit right now.  I really miss having my friend around to talk about which patterns appealed to her, which yarns that I might have in my stash that could work with different patterns, which patterns we didn't really like but might work in a different colour..etc.  You get the idea.  I really miss having someone around to bounce knitterly thoughts off.  She sees things differently than I do, and I really appreciated her different perspective.  Since I've lost my iphone, I can't even text her to find out her opinions.  Yes, I guess I'm a little whiny.  I saw her mom today, which made me miss her even more.  But I especially miss Jess whenever there is a new Knitty, or a new Twist, or I get my next issue of Interweave in the mail.  Which should be soon.  I guess I'll be missing Jess again, soon.

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