Saturday, October 08, 2011

My Hero!

I realize how lucky I am to have a supportive spouse in my life. Kev truly supports me in all that I do. He doesn't complain (too much) about the 20lbs of fleece that is currently stored in the shed. He will (sometimes) model shawls and lace scarves when I need to do a photo shoot, but today, he really proved to me how much he loves

As I said in an earlier post, our little guy Max started hockey this year! So this means more time being spent at the arena - which in turn means more time knitting socks and mitts at the arena. I don't usually get to go to too many practices since I work full time, but today, being Saturday, I got to go.

I took my latest work in progress and off I went. I'm currently making a pair of mitered mittens (by Elizabeth Zimmerman) for Sam (my friend Karen's daughter) I've made these mittens many, many times and could make them in my sleep, I think. I finished one mitten, except for the afterthought thumb and cast on for the second.

After hockey, we went and got our fresh turkey for Thanksgiving. Kev's cousin Monica has a farm! And then we went grocery shopping. We had people coming for supper so I had a lot to get ready, but I figured I'd get a few rows of my mittens in before company came. I pulled out my mittens only to discover that I just had the second mitt - which was just a measly bit of ribbing. I told my sad story to Kev - I think I left it at the arena. Can't you knit another - he asked. Of course, I can knit another, but....but...this was handspun!!!!! And handspun that came from Torbay, Newfoundland, created with fiber that the dyer called "Jellybean Row" (named after a row of colourful houses on a street in St.John's) This mitt was special!

Well, my hero didn't hesitate. (Well, he did a little - they were recapping the Olympic gold medal men's hockey game on TSN) Off he went to the arena to try to find my mitten (sans thumb) Meanwhile, I was sick with worry. Would he find it? What if someone picked it up and realized its beauty and decided to keep it. (Without a thumb, I'm not sure if anyone would have realized what it was) What would I tell Sam? She had picked out the pattern and the yarn herself.

Well, Kev (being Kev) came through the door looking very sad, and very dejected - and I knew right away..... that he had indeed found it. He does that to me every time and he really is quite a good actor. I always say he missed his calling. He would have convinced anyone else that the mitt was gone forever, but not me. I know this man too well.

My hero saved the day - and the mitten. I just really hope I have enough yarn to finish! If not, the thumbs will be some commercial yarn.

You can see why I was upset. These are gonna be gorgeous!

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