Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy 2012!!

Its a new year already. What is it about time that seems the older I get the faster time goes by? I cannot believe we are into 2012. I was thinking of revisiting the 'resolutions/goals' that I set for myself last year, but sadly realized that I failed them miserably. Well, for the most part. I am getting a little better with knitting with my handspun, but still am reluctant to do so. I will have to remedy this in 2012 however, since my spinning should increase quite a bit (and as a result the knitting time will decrease) because of the new wheel. Here's a thought - every second project that I cast on will be in handspun. I should be able to do that right? God knows, I have plenty of handspun and plenty of ideas for things to knit from handspun. I just have to put the finished object in a bin of some sort to be handed out to some unknown person at some unknown date. How is that for a concrete goal.

2012 came in with me spinning on a second Bullseye Bump. This time my aim is to spin a bulky single. I think I will knit the Bandana Cowl from the Purl Bee out of this. Again, no recipient in mind.

I finished spinning up the Bullseye Bump in Plum pudding and I am so happy with the final yarn.

There is about 350 yards of a light fingering weight yarn that gradually transitions through various shades of purple. This will make a very nice shawlette - pattern to be determined. I'm even thinking of another Daybreak - and I rarely knit the same pattern twice!

I also cast on for a hat last night. It is Icing Swirl by Ysolda. 2009 was the year that I was obsessed with all things Ysolda. 2011 was Stephen West. Maybe I'm swinging back to Ysolda again? But I definitely see more Ann Hanson in my immediate future too! many great designers out there and so little time.

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