Sunday, November 08, 2015

Well hello there. It's been a while.

The past few months have really gotten away from me. I've still been knitting of course. I've still been buying yarn of course.  It just seems as though nothing really remarkable has been going on in those areas. I haven't been knitting or spinning anything very different than my usual things lately and as a result I haven't been inspired to write about them.

I will mention some projects that I finished recently. Nothing real exciting but still cute patterns I guess. The first up is a hat pattern that I've met many times it's called Kim's hat. I knit this for my friend Stephanie. I gave Stephanie a hat last winter that her little dog Jack tore a hole in for some reason so I've done this one for her. The cool thing about this hat is that the yarn is 25% possum. That's New Zealand possum which is very very soft. We're talking cashmere soft. We're talking unbelievably soft. I've got the skein of Quviut that I've been hoarding and apparently  it's the softest fiber known to man. I'm telling you I think this possum stuff is even softer. At least it feels softer in the skein. I understand that there are spinning oils involved in the mill process making Quiviut yarn and until I wash my finished item made from this yarn, it won't be as soft as is possible. The good news is I've got quite a bit of this possum yarn left. I think I'll make something for myself too.

I'm not sure if these mitts will look familiar to anyone. I started them over a year ago. Kevin gave me the yarn for my birthday last fall when we were in Mahone Bay Nova Scotia. I don't know why it's taken me so long to finish these mittens. The yarn is great. The pattern by Spilly nJane is also great. I just got distracted for some reason. These will likely be a Christmas gift for one of my girls. Most likely Natalie since she hasn't gotten a pair of mittens from me in a while. 

And the final project for today's post is this sweet little baby hat. I knit this for my friends daughter who is having a baby in December. The daughter is a former girl guide of mine and quite special to me. I will likely knit this baby more things. I've purchased a bunch of cute onesies when I was in Ottawa last month visiting my daughter. And while I was in Ottawa of course I purchased a bunch of yarn and Fiber. More about that in a future post.