Saturday, September 02, 2006

Verb Swap, DIY Swap and 30 something swap

Oh yeah, I may be in over my head this time. I have 3 more swaps on the go!!

I've already gotten my partner from the verb swap. She's from Bristols UK!!! We each had to pick a verb (mine is shiver..appropriate no?) Her verb is capture. I have to craft several things related to that verb. I've already figured out what I'm doing. One thing is almost finished in fact.

The DIY swap involves making a craft kit for someone else. And receiving one you would like in return. I can't rightly recall what kind of kit I said I would make. I think it was...knitted purse kit, crocheted purse kit, crocheted beanie kit, felt ipod cozy kit (cuz I'm a real pro at it...I did one!). I'm not sure what I asked for but it was probably needle felting and hand spinning stuff. I really want to learn this, but of course cannot find any supplies here. I'm going to St. John's on the 28th, maybe I'll find something then.

The 30 something swap is just that. A swap amongst my 30 something peers. It should be fun.

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