Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mini Paisley Skull Bag

I seem to be on a bag kick lately. I made this little gem for a friend (who shall remain nameless, since I've yet to give it to her, yet one look and she will know its for her because its so ... well...her!) I used this tutorial to make it.

My only regret is that it isn't a little bigger, but I made this from left over fabric that I had from Amy's school bag. Yes, Amy decided that the huge yellow dance patterned bag was ... well ... huge. So now it is mine, all mine!! Though I may decide to give it away in the 30 something swap, depending upon what my yet to be announced partner likes.

So this is Amy's new school bag!

But I must say I do love this combination of pattern/colour. Amy picked it out for her bag and I used the leftovers. I tooks some pics of that too, but it does need to be altered, since in my infinite wisdom, I sewed the handle on backwards. She wanted a zipper too. So I sort of winged it.

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