Saturday, January 19, 2008

I Love Kool Aid!!

It has remarkable powers, I swear. It actually kinda scares me, and I don't think I'll be drinking anymore of this stuff. But boy, can it ever dye well. I made 'le slouch' (free pattern from Knit and Tonic blog) for Amy. She wanted purple, and I'm determined to knit from my stash. So, I wanted to try overdying after my prior sucess with dyeing a neutral yarn. I was thinking about overdying the yarn, but was anxious to cast on and didn't really want to wait for the yarn to dry.

Here it is on me...pre dying.

Here it is in the dye bath. Note, I only used 2 packets of Kool Aid wildberry tea. I nuked it in the microwave in about 3 cups of water at 5 minute intervals. I think it took about 5 different intervals (or 25 minutes) for the dye to take.

And here it is on Amy. It looks a little splotchy in places. I think its because I didn't leave it soaking long enough. When I dyed the yarn, I soaked it for 2 hours in water prior to adding it to the kool aid bath. I read somewear that the splotchiness comes for little airbubbles on the fibre that hasn't been soaked out.

Oh, the starting yarn was Bernat Lana, like before.

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