Monday, October 06, 2008


So I've had this yummy Malibrigo yarn in my stash for some time now. I wasn't sure what to do with it because ... well, its Malibrigo. I only had one single skein so it had to be made into a small project. I put it aside and forgot (almost forgot) about it. Until I saw the fall cover of Vogue knitting. I fell in love with the druid mitts on the cover. I fell in love with cabled mitts in general. Not being able to purchase Vogue knitting locally, I did a ravelry search for cabled mitts and came upon these. The Chevalier mittens. Lovely aren't they?

As an aside, I bought two...yes, two copies of Vogue knitting in my haste to knit the druid mitts. I ordered one from (or webs) and then on my trip into Corner Brook there it was in a little book store, and I didn't yet have my webs order. And of course, I couldn't wait. By the time I got home, my webs order was in. But its all good. I gifted my second copy to a new knitter friend. I have the yarn picked out for these babies. My lys (Distinctive Knittin) has new yarn in. So I'll be making them in a wool/silk blend.

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Kelly said...

Hi Kelly. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It seems we have a lot in common - both Kellys, knitters from NL, and I'm a Pathfinder Guider.

I'm knitting those Green Autumn mittens from Vogue in 3-ply Patons Kroy, but you could probably get away with a sport weight yarn. My gauge is coming out smaller than the recommended. It's a pretty fiddly pattern, but I think the result is worth the effort. Good luck!