Saturday, October 04, 2008

Bag Blogger

I've done things in September. It was a very busy September actually. So busy, that I never bothered with blogging. Work, family and girl guides have taken precidence (not in that particular order either).

And I haven't even mentioned that I'm the 'seeker' in the Harry Potter knitting and crochet house cup, for team 'Hufflepuff'. But I am! That means I'm the designer. Seriously, what was I thinking. But I did it. I nearly tore my hair out but I did it.

I can't talk about the design because its a secret. I will show off a picture of some knits I'm knitting for October's Charms class. Its supposed to be a cheering charm, so these are a gift. A gift for someone I know and love and miss very, very much because she is away at university in another province and I won't see her till Christmas and its killing me and these mittens are more to cheer me up because it seems like I'm actually doing something for this very independent soul. And Amy, if you happen to read this - I know that was a very wordy sentence. It was meant to be.

Did you happen to notice that this is a scan? Yeah, can't find my camera cord and I still need to send my birthday gift from last year, that is still under warranty, in for repairs.

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