Sunday, June 07, 2009

Coffee Filter Yarn

Last night I was reading Amy Singer's article in knittyspin. She was talking about a trip that she took to Arizon in February, and how she met with a spinning guild there. She met a lady that was spinning coffee filter - used and straight out of the package. She briefly gave a description on how it was done, so I decided to give it a go. Now, everything I've ever learned about spinning, I've learned on animal fibers. Spinning involves two things - drafting and adding twist. There wasn't a whole lot of drafting going on here. The resulting yarn is surprisingly strong.

Here are my supplies. The markers, because I couldn't bear to spin such bland colour.

Here is a coloured coffee filter.

Cut into shreds.

Attempting to draft.


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Bunny said...

that is kind of cool. Wishing I knew how to spin. I bet you could get the colors to "run" with an eye dropper of rubbing alcohol. Like when you tie die with sharpies.