Sunday, June 21, 2009

Starting a Tonne of Stuff, Finishing nothing

This is what I've been up to lately. Starting. And more starting. I've finished practically nothing. And there are still other things that I want to cast on. I'm sure those cute baby shoes will be finished soon, as it only took an hour or so to do the first one. And they are So. Cute. Love them. Lets see if I can remember what all of these projects actually are. There is the blue baby girl's sweater.

The pink baby boots (that may or may not go with the baby sweater, depending upon which type of baby my friend has. Then there is the reversible cabled grey scarf - for my boss's 70th birthday. This is from a cashmere silk blend that is to die for.

Then, there is the storm water shawl for me. This is made from that fleece artiste seasilk blend that I bought in Bathurst last summer.

And finally there are Outside in socks from the new summer knitty. I coudn't resist these. They are so clever. So, I think its time to actually finish something

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