Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Self Striping Yarn - My True Love

The yarn is Zauberball Crazy and it is just that.  There is no repeating of any colours.  If you knit socks from this yarn, they would definitely be fraternal twins as there is no way to make the colours line up.  Up close, the yarn is like a barber poled handspun.  I love the result.  I would have kept crocheting but I ran out of the contrasting black yarn.  It took two skeins of Knitpicks Palette.  

I have countless other images that I wanted to put up as well, but I chose these.  I love the close ups.  This is from a free pattern that can be gotten here.

In other news, I cast on for a baby sweater four days ago, and finished it.  I used Spud and Chloe Sweater yarn.  Its a blend of wool and cotton and is supposed to be easy care.  I really enjoyed the yarn.  This sweater is for Heather's new baby, not yet born, and it had to be easy care.  No care would be great, but I'll settle for easy care.  I bought this yarn from A Good Yarn.  Its a new yarn shop that opened up in St John's.   While I've never been there in person, I can attest to the great customer service.  I hope to visit it real soon.

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