Friday, September 24, 2010

I really shouldn't brag

I cast on for these way back in March.  I bragged about how quickly they were knitting up.  I loved the yarn.  Malabrigo - whats not to love?  I loved the pattern.  Colourwork robots!!  Hello! Fantastic.  But here it is, now September and I'm just finishing them.  What happened?  To put it quite simply - summer.  Warmer weather inspired me to knit lace and baby items, not warm mittens.  But summer doesn't last long here in Labrador.  Its actually chilly enough now to start wearing these in the evenings on my walks.

I suspect I may have a hard time keeping these.  I know Amy wants them.  But she isn't getting them this time.  Amy, you do understand that right?  These are mine, all mine.

1 comment:

Amy Norman said...

nope. they're mine. muahahha.