Thursday, September 09, 2010

Summer is ending

And I didn't blog a whole lot.  We've been really busy around here.  To sum things up...we took a trip, we had a baby born, we had a wedding, we had a surgery, I met some knitters, and I bought a new car!  Here are some photos of things I've done and knit this past little while - in no particular order.

Mom and Dad on Port Hope Simpson bridge
Nat and Blair's Wedding! Nat was stunning...Blair too, I guess, if a guy can be stunning that is.
Here I am teaching little Natalie to knit.  Natalie is my sister's niece.  Too young really, but hey, it doesn't hurt to try right?  We spent two nights in Melrose during our flying visit to my hometown to pick up mom and dad for the wedding
My first Citron (knitty pattern) this summer.  Knit in 3 days on the way to pick up Mom and Dad for the wedding and on the drive on the way back.  Blocked in the hotel at St. Barbe NL.  I almost have a second Citron finished.
Knitters!!  Amy and I spent more than 2 weeks in St. John's after she had her tonsils out.  Thankfully, there were knitters and crocheters from Ravelry who invited us out to supper.  I also went to their KIP at the Rooms.  What a fantastic bunch!
Here is Amy posing with my first Minty (knitty pattern) of the summer.  I made a second one for Jenna.  My sister Cindy came in to St. John's for a weekend while we were there.  It really helped to pass the time!   You can really see how sick Amy was in this picture.  The tonsillectomy was not an easy procedure.  It was significantly more difficult than the jaw surgery of two years ago.
A Minion from Despicable Me!  Amy, Jenna, Riley and I went to see this movie during my sister's family visit.  It was great.  I had to make one of these guys for Riley.  He really, really liked it.
This is a shawl made from Malabrigo yarn.  The pattern is from Knitscene and its called Oscilloscope.  I bought this yarn at my new favorite yarn shop called 'A Good Yarn' in St. John's.  The owner, Jenny, is super fantastic awesome nice!  If you go to St. John's, make sure to drop in.
My new vehicle.  A Rogue by Nissan.  I had my corolla for 14 years!  I hated to give it up.  Actually, I didn't give it up.  I have her parked for Amy to drive when she comes home from university.
Mr Colson Lethbridge.  Big ole boy of Heather's.  I can't believe Heather is a mom to two boys!
Jenna and Riley on Signal Hill.  Riley had a list of things that he wanted to do during his two days in St. John's.  I tried my best to get most of them in.

 Overall, the summer was way too short, as it always is.  You can already feel that nip in the air here.  It is Labrador after all.  But that's one of the reasons why I love it so much. 

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