Saturday, February 11, 2012

Great Mail Day!!!

I love it when I get parcels in the mail that I'm not expecting. I especially love it when those parcels contain yarn or fiber. Both of these bundles were etsy purchases.

I'm continuing my love affair with Loop bullseye batts.

I have never been so smitten in my life. As soon as a Loop Batt comes into my house I feel that I must spin it up right away. Usually when I buy fiber that I like, it tends to sit in the stash for months - years, even, until the urge strikes me to spin it - or until Tour de Fleece comes and I spin like a crazy lady. But this have to spin it straight away. But, I have stuff on all the wheels (and spindles) right now. So, I must finish some things first. And I'm doing a spin along!!

Which brings me to my next happy mail bundle!

Its from etsy seller The Sheep's Company Its my first time buying from this shop and I was very pleased with the service and the product. I love natural fibers and I love it in its natural state.

The spin along is hosted by my favorite video podcasters The Knit Girllls. We are spinning different fibers all year long. Every second month is a different breed of sheep and this months' sheep is Shetland. I'm really looking forward to spinning this stuff up. The roving is so nice to feel. You can feel that some of the sheeps natural oil has been left in and I like that.

Ok, gotta go and spin so I can have some free bobbins!!

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