Friday, February 10, 2012

Role Call

I'm starting to realize that I have way too many WIPs. Some of them haven't even made it to ravelry. I'm not sure what the reason is, but on every available surface in my house, it seems I've laid a partially done piece of knitting.

Lets count them, shall we?
First up is a blanket that I'm making for Amy. We decided on this when Amy was home for Christmas. I decided that I wanted to make her something of heirloom quality for her graduation. Yes, Amy is graduating from university this year. The pattern is the mitered Crosses Blanket by the Mason Dixon girls.

Next up is my Rocky Coast Cardigan. The pattern is by Hannah Fettig and is from the great book Coastal Knits. I'm loving this knit so much and it totally deserves its own blog post, so more on that later.

Then there are the mittens from the previous blog post. Still plugging away at that.

Next up is the neckwarmer from Ann Hanson's Fall into Full Color Club. I'm not sure why this is languishing. The yarn is great, the pattern is great. I guess I'm just easily distracted.

Also I'm knitting a cowl for a KAL with Dianne of Knitabulls. I'm making another set of silk hankie mittens. There is a pair of vanilla socks that travel back and forth to the arena with me. And I'm knitting a shawl out of a burgandy boucle yarn by Fleece Artist for Mehrnaz.

Too much?

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