Sunday, April 22, 2012


I ordered the book Spin Art from Amazon before my trip to Quebec. I was delighted to find it was here upon my return.
This book is so beautiful. The textured yarns in this book are so pretty and I was itching to give this stuff a try. The author, Jacey Boggs, recommends starting from the beginning and learning some of the basic techniques for textured spinning. Reluctantly, that is what I did. I really wanted to jump right into spinning beehives, but I knew the author was right. She's been doing this for longer than I have. Spinning textured yarns is totally different than spinning regular yarns. I usually aim for smooth, consistent yarn - but the skills used for that type of spinning are totally different than the skills used for spinning textured yarns. Notice that I'm saying textured yarns...not art yarns. That's what the author calls them, and I think she is right. The title 'Art Yarn' brings to mind something so wild and unique that it is 'Art' all on its own. That the yarn itself is the finished object and it doesn't need to be knit, woven or crocheted into something else. So, I too, will be calling any yarn that I intend to use, textured yarn. The first technique that I tried ( are others ahead of this in the book, I did skip a few) is corespinning. Corespinning basically involves wrapping a core yarn or thread with fiber. Its great for extending yardage on those precious handcarded batts and none of the good stuff gets lost in the middle of the yarn because all of the fiber is showing on the outside of the core. To corespin, you need to decide what weight of yarn you want and pick your core accordingly. I was aiming for a DK weight so I picked a fingering weight for my core. I ultimately ended up with a heavy worsted weight since I'm new to the technique and some of the fiber really piled on. So, here is my final yarn! I love it. The batt is a One of a Kind art batt from etsy seller Hanks in the Hood.
I ended up with about 110 yards and I still have plenty of this batt left over to do another 100 yards or so. I'm really happy with corespinning and I will be using it again. It required really different hand movements than what I'm used to. When I do this again, I will be adding more twist to my core yarn before spinning. My finished yarn was a little over twisted. I think this could be sorted out by adding more twist to the core than what I originally did.
Overall, this book is beautiful, I highly recommend it...and I haven't even watched the DVD that comes with it!

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