Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mittens from the Corespun

Very rarely do I knit something with my handspun. I made a resolution that every second project that I cast on needs to be in handspun. I did this in order to force myself to do something with my ever growing stash of this gorgeous stuff. Usually it sits for years until something strikes me. But not the handspun from the last post. My first attempt at corepinning was a success! And I was immediately inspired to knit with it. And I knew just the pattern. Its called Either/Or and its by one of my favorite designers Lee Meridith. I bought her new ebook called Remixed when it was in production. I loved getting a pattern emailed to me every week or so. And this pattern book does not disappoint. So far, I've knit two of them - Either/Or and Wild is the Wind. Both patterns are written as a recipe - whereby you plug your gauge numbers into the pattern and knit away. Lee usually includes different options in her patterns too. The hat pattern could have been knitted beanie style or beret style. It could have had a rounded top or a pointy top. The mittens could be full mittens or fingerless. Long cuff or short cuff. Garter edge or full on garter. See what I mean? The possibilities are endless. I'm a big fan. This type of pattern is perfect for handspun and its perfect for the irregularities that come with corespinning. You won't see things like knit for 22 rows in these patterns, but you will see things like knit until it comes to the top of you index finger. You end up with the most custom made and perfectly fitting accessories. So, without further adieu, I present my Corespun Either/Or mittens.
Here they are, laying on the snowbank in front of my house. Yes, still snow! Still need mittens.
Here they are, as I'm finishing off the second cuff. This photo gives you an idea of the clever construction. You actually cast on at the thumb!! Its not the first time I've knit mittens like that, believe it or not. I knit Target Wave mittens by Norah Gaughan. Don't get me wrong, I love Norah's patterns but these paled in comparison. They looked funny and even worse, felt funny when worn. But not the Either/Or....they fit like...well, a glove.

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