Sunday, February 28, 2016

25,000 Tuques

I've been on a hat kick ever since I heard about the charity called 25,000 Tuques. Here is the link,if you are interested. 

This is something I feel very strongly about. I feel so bad for people being forced to leave their homes. So when a lady in Quebec started a movement to knit hats for every Syrian refugee coming into Canada, I thought this is something I can do to help out.  

So I've been knitting hats like a mad woman. I think Canada is expecting it's the last refugees in April. This coincides with the end of winter. So I need to send my hats now. I've got five done and my friend Jesse gave me two as well. I may send them to Montreal or I may send them to St. John's. There are groups collecting hats in both cities.

Now, onto the knitting. The first Hat was this fair isle lovely thing. The pattern is a freebie from the Purl Bee. I love this one so much and I love the pom-pom even more. The trick to a good pompon is to soak the darn thing in water. The pom-pom fluffs right up 

The next hat that I made is a pattern by Jared flood and it's called turn a square. This was a very simple hat and had the added benefit of using up scraps of handsoun that was too precious to throw out but too small amount to really do anything with. 

I was hooked. I couldn't stop knitting hats. I finished three more in quick succession. I have two more on the needles nearly done too. But I'm starting to realize the time is come to get these in the mail.









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