Thursday, February 18, 2016

I've done a little travelling

Last month  Kevin and I went to St John's. Kev had a doctors appointment. All was well. After the appointment we decided to go to my hometown for a visit. My mom turned 70 last year and I couldn't get out there to see her. This year everything worked out perfectly.  We spent almost an entire week on the island visiting with my family and Kevs. 

I had started knitting a hat that I wanted to donated to an organization called 25000 toques. Their goal to present each Syrian refugee that comes into Canada with a hand knit hat to let them know that they are welcome and cared about here in Canada. 

As a supporter of Canada opening its doors to refugees this was a charity that really spoke to me. Sadly, the hat I was knitting really spoke to my mother. She claimed it as soon as it was off the needles. I didn't tell her that I had decided to give the hat to a worthy cause because she likely would have not taken it. But I'm glad she did because it really suits her. 


And I bought lots of pretty yarn at the nicest LYS in all of St John's to make more hats. See the green and grey in the centre of the pic? That's already on the needles - destined to be one of the 25000 toques! 


And if you ever doubt that I grew up in one of the most beautiful spots on the planet - well, here are a couple of photos to let you know that Trinity Bay North is indeed Gods country - even in the dead of winter. 


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