Friday, August 29, 2008

I didn't realize...

That I'd actually been doing things. Well, knitting things that is. I came here tonight to blog about a cardigan that I've been knitting for Amy and I came to post an inprogress shot. I came across these two items that I finished since we came back from Bathurst.

The first is the thrummed mittens from the fleece artist kit. These are for Amy. I hope that she doesn't lose them during her first year in university. I love them so much. They are so comfy and warm. I'm not sure why I hadn't tried thrumming up until now. They are definitly something I will reknit in the future.

The second project is the 'drawstring raglan' that I had bragged about in an earlier post. I had claimed I was being monogamous and how great it felt. Well, it felt great for about a week. The finished object is great - monogamy - not so great. I love this little shirt. It is so cool and flattering. The perfect summer knit. The yarn wasn't even so bad once you got used to it.

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