Sunday, August 31, 2008

Token Spining Post

Well, it seems I have burned myself out spinning for the 'Tour de Fleece'. This paltry little skein -albeit 180 yards - is all that I have managed to spin since the tour ended. I do like it muchly, but it does look a lot like this bulky weight skein that I spun earlier in my spinning career. I think I will make the drop stitch scarf out of this, as I don't think I have enough yardage from the skein that I had earlier earmarked for it.

I have started knitting this cardigan for Amy - who has unashamadly abandoned me and gone off to university in Quebec. I hope to have it finished sometime in September and send it to her in a care package. I love the colour and the yarn. It is Valley Yarns 'Southwick' in celery. It is a really nice bamboo/cotten blend. It is a very soft and squishy, multiplied cabled yarn. I suspect the yarn with 'hitch' a little, so I will have to inform Amy to take good care of it. I'm sure it will make a nice light weight cardi. The pattern I'm using is another freebie from Garnstudio. This is the second pattern that I've knit from these guys. Word of warning for anyone thinking of knitting their patterns. Read everything through first. They do a lot of 'at the same time' type stuff. And oftentimes they add that little tidbit in at the end of the peice. Just sayin'

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