Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Not quite there yet

But, I'm not entirely disappointed with my showing at the Knitting Olympics either. Sure, I didn't finish. But, I came pretty close. The body of the vest is done. I've only to knit the neck and the sleeve ribbing. And duplicate stitch in the green stitches on the back. And weave in the ends. Not too bad really for 17 days.

I know in my heart that this was a challenge I could have completed. I'll admit to distraction. Damn you drop spindle. Why is it that when I'm doing the Tour de Fleece, I'm distracted by my knitting and when I'm doing the Knitting Olympics I'm distracted by my spinning. I'm thinking it must be some sort of personality fault of mine.

I'll also admit to being distracted by the real Olympics. I was riveted! From the opening ceremonies and that first gold medal by Alex Biladeau to Sidney Crosby's goal, I was captivated. I am so proud of my country and never knew I was so patriotic. I even went out and bought some 'Go Canada' gear to help cheer on the hockey teams. Here is Max demonstrating!

I plan on finishing up the rest of the vest soon, and then who knows. No real plans. Exciting isn't it? I still have those gift certificates to spend at Distinctive Knitting...about 340$ worth!! I love my family and friends...and boss! Even more exciting is that I was talking to Mrs March (owner of my LYS, Distinctive Knitting) and she is going to start carrying Fleece Artist! OMG...and I am not an OMG type of girl. But...OMG!

In other news my beautiful daughter is home for her reading break. This makes me so happy. She brought back a ukelele. And she is playing it...quite well in fact. Max..not so much, but at least he is trying.

Kev just got back from a hockey tournament in Moncton. He always brings me back a gift whenever or whereever he travels. This time he brought me back a book called Knit Two by Kate Jacobs. Its a sequel to her first book called...Knit Night? or Friday Night Knitting Club? Despite me not remembering the name it did make an impression on me and I did like the book. Brain candy, I guess. A nice light read. Nothing too serious, and that is the way I like my books and movies sometimes.

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