Friday, February 26, 2010

Don't think I'll make it.

Here is where I am so far. I've only 2 more days to knit the back and the ribbing. Bloody hell, I don't think I can do it. Just blogging quickly and have to get back to it.

And since I was the first project to log this pattern on Ravelry, I had no one elses to look at for comparison. I now today see that another person has test knit this for knitpicks. And she duplicate stitched the green parts on. Bloody f$#*&&ing hell. I could have saved my sanity and a little time there. No where in the pattern does it say that. I intarsia -ed the larger blocks and fair isle -ed the green bits and let me tell you about the mess on the back. Wait...I'll show you.

The late Doris Saunders once told me of the time when she exhibited some single thread embroidery peices and they were displayed backwards because it was so difficult to tell the back from the front. Her work was that neat!! That won't be a problem with my vest. I'll likely choke myself or at least rip an ear off the first time I wear this thing.

Oh well, off to plug away at the stockingnette. You all know how well I'll do with that. At least the hockey game is on.

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