Sunday, January 05, 2014

Happy New Year

A lot of craft bloggers are writing about resolutions it seems. Even the podcaster are doing it. A lot of them seem to be talking about themes. Jasmine of the Knitmore Girls is adopting a theme of "less is more". Dayna and Brittney of Just one More Row podcast are adopting a theme of "mindfulness".  

In the past I've made lists of things I would like to accomplish in the upcoming year. It always sounds something like this 
1. Knit more with handspun
2. Knit more from patterns in books that I own
3. Spin for a sweater 
4. Don't buy any yarn until .... Whenever. 

The point is, I rarely keep up with my resolutions crafting or otherwise. So I'm resolving to carry on as usual. I'm resolving to enjoy what I'm doing. I guess what I'm trying to say is that my theme for this year will be "happiness". It's my hobbie and it's my very valuable free time so if I don't enjoy the yarn, the pattern, the process - then I resolve to give it up and start something I'm crazy about.

And speaking of something I'm crazy about ......

I got this pattern last year. Tincanknits did a free pattern giveaway to welcome in the new year in 2013. They offered up many many beautiful patterns. There isn't anything that these ladies write that I wouldn't knit. The choice was tough. (Truth be told I picked one pattern and bought several others). My pick was called "Pop Blanket". Over Christmas I placed an order to Knitpicks for their yarn called "chroma". Ever since they introduced this yarn I've been wanting to try it. I've got a box full of the stuff - more than enough for a blanket. 

As soon as I knit the first square I realized  something about this pattern!!! It's potato chip knitting - at its finest. 
The smallness of each square almost makes me feel as though I've finished a project each time. Almost instant gratification. And of course I am smitten with the gradual colour changing yarn. I keep wanting to knit until a different colour slowly emerges. And then there's the way these squares look together. I keep rearranging them in different ways. 

I've never been one for self denial. I work very hard at my real life job.  So when I see something I want. I buy it. Rarely do I have any moments of regret. I've been wanting a trindle for some time. Probably ever since the first time I heard about trindles. This one is so beautiful. It has an ebony shaft with three purple jade beads. It spins forever and I'm in love. I've been spinning punis from Gourmet Stash on Etsy and it is pure luxury. I should have more to post about that next time. 

Have you seen the latest Knitty? OMG if not stop what you're doing and run right over there now. So many great patterns. I'm a big fan of knitty and I love when new issues go live. I especially love it when there is a new pattern there that just speaks to me and I think about it all the time and I stalk the item on Ravelry to see who is making it and in what yarn and I what colors and what their opinion is on the pattern. It can become all consuming. But I love it!! Princess Franklins Plaid Collar was such a pattern for this issue of knitty. I'm crazy about it. I've finished all the knitting. It was sime garter stitch. Now I'm doing some top stitching. The result is a collar that very much looks like woven plaid. I love it when a knitting pattern strikes me this way. That is my hope for 2014 - that everything I knit or spin or crochet or weave or craft - will make me feel like this little plaid collar does. 

Cheers!! Happy 2014!

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