Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hat Mania

I've always been a fan of knitted hats - both as a wearer of them and especially as a creator of them. 

They are so fast to make and are almost like little canvases that you can create and make unique. I especially love little kid hats. Little kids can get away with wearing things on their heads that would be downright ridiculous on an adult's head. 

See this hat for example. It's called garter ear flap hat and it's from the Purl Bee. This pattern just came out this week and already more than 40 have been cast on on Ravelry. 
This pattern is sized baby sized right up to large adult sized. Now, I don't know about you but I think this hat is more suited to a child than an adult. Mind you I'm sure that some adults can pull it off.  My daughter is quirky enough that it would work for her. I guess it takes a certain type of personality to wear a hat like this. 

How about this one? I took a photo of Kev wearing this hat and I nearly peed in my pants at the sheer ridiculousness of it.   Morgan really likes this hat. But he is five years old and can pull it off. His mom suggested that if I did make him a hat like this then I should make it a little less girly!!!! DAFUQ???

Seriously. Morgan quickly put his mum in her place though when he pointed out that he was a boy and the insides of his ears were pink so boys definitely could wear deer hats with pink linings in the ears. 
Why do we do this to kids? Why do we put our warped ideas of gender colors onto our kids who clearly could care less. I'm not just blaming his mum. I'm sure I'm guilty of it too. Morgan has really made me more aware of this. He once begged me to knit him something from the gold and magenta and orange and fushia fiber I was spinning because they were his most favorite colours ever. I haven't finished spinning it yet but I know sadly that his mum won't let him wear anything in those colours. Perhaps I'll knit him a stuffed toy. 

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