Wednesday, January 15, 2014


....or startitis or startosis. PI'm not sure what the correct term is. I'm not sure that there is a correct term really. The Knitmore Girls have been bandying the term about and Gigi came to the conclusion that startosis was a more accurate word to describe the condition that afflicts many knitters this time of year.


1. Suffix meaning a process, condition, or state, usually abnormal or diseased; production or increase, physiologic or pathologic; an invasion or infestation

Well then. That certainly makes more sense then using the word startitis. Since the ending itis strictly means inflammation. 

BUt I've been thinking lately that we knitters should call the condition startorrhea. Since the suffix -rrhea means 

1. A flowing; a flux.

That's more like it!! I feel like starting ALL THE THINGS!!! It's definitely a flux. Need proof??

Here's a pair of stripy mittens I cast on yesterday. And here's a hat that I started and finished in one day. 
Some self striping socks that I could not resist casting on. Love love love the stripes and yarn. 

And here is the plaid collar that I have been obsessing about. The knitting is done on this baby but the top stitching is taking forever but I am still loving it. 
And tomorrow I'm casting on for Ysolda Teague's mystery KAL called Follow Yoir Arrow.  These are the yarns I'm using. I may sub out the green for orange.  I'm not sure yet.

And I'm still knitting away on the blanket from the previous post. I'm still in love with it. 

So what do you think? That's a lot of projects to have on going at one time. That is definitely a flux of project. A flux of casting on. Startorrhea. Think it will catch on?

Somehow I don't think that word will catch on.  Just doesn't sound pretty. 

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