Tuesday, August 01, 2006

It is safe to post!

I am posting the things that I have sent to knittingtwit, since she has recieved and just to show that yes indeed I have been doing some crafting.

Not a bad haul don't ya think?

I wasn't sure what to make for her since her specialties were crochet and knitting, as are mine. So I didn't want to make something for her that she could easily make her self so, I did two sewing projects. The t shirt pants were very easy and I like how they turned out. It is kinda funny with one end of the moose on each hip. They turned out very, very low waisted however, but they did fit her, and she liked them.

The bag is the item that I spent the most of my time on. The kanzashi flower (sp?) was very fun to do. I am currently in the process of making another.

The scarf is from Stitch and Bitch and I actually started making this before I was assigned a partner, but in her questionaire knittingtwit said she liked bright colours so I thought what the heck.

And of course no package would be complete without something from the region, so I sent her a book mark made from pressed wildflowers of Labrador.

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